Killer Bees Comic Biography

This is the last of the Inverse Press comics biographies I purchased as a part of a Humble Bundle. In my last blog post, I nodded to the place of religion in the Bobby Fulton story;  this comic opens with the same theme: It's possible, though, that I am out of steam on these -- … Continue reading Killer Bees Comic Biography


Bobby Fulton Comics Biography

Inverse Comics offers a biography of Bobby Fulton -- not a wrestler I have heard of, and by the end of this first issue, I can see why -- my wrestling consciousness starts with the AWA and WWE, and Fulton signed to the Stampede promotion in Alberta at the end of this comic. This is … Continue reading Bobby Fulton Comics Biography

Andre the Giant [Critical Reflections on a Graphic Novel, part one]

Research in comics studies has gone a great distance toward defining comics as a medium, not a genre.  Within the American context, comics as a medium was, for decades, conflated with comics as a genre, typically the superhero genre.  In some ways, the scholar of wrestling studies might see such conflation as similar to the … Continue reading Andre the Giant [Critical Reflections on a Graphic Novel, part one]