Hacksaw Jim Duggan

This comic biography of Hacksaw Jim Duggan begins "in medias res" -- "into the middle of things," in a Royal Rumble. Like many mythical births, Hacksaw Jim Duggan was born special.  Consider the baby years of Paul Bunyan: Now I hear tell that Paul Bunyan was born in Bangor, Maine. It took five giant storks … Continue reading Hacksaw Jim Duggan


Alpha Vs Omega

Wrestle Kingdom 12 has come and gone, and New Japan Pro Wrestling picked up some new fans along the way.  This was largely due to interest in the Alpha Vs Omega dream match between Chris Jericho (Alpha) and Kenny Omega (Omega, obviously). The build for this match was beautifully done with the rivalry starting on … Continue reading Alpha Vs Omega

Breaking the Fourth Wall in Reverse

Without a doubt, one of the proudest moments of my life occurred on January 29, 2013, when I made my professional wrestling debut in a tag-team match in a show co-hosted by American Pro Wrestling, an upstate South Carolina based promotion, and Wofford College, the institution that made me a tenured professor the year before. … Continue reading Breaking the Fourth Wall in Reverse