“Da Crusher” Celebrated in Milwaukee

Wrestling legend Baron Von Raschke, Larry Lisowski and "The Incredible" Kenny J stand with the life-size bronze statue of Reggie "Da Crusher" Lisowski at Crusherfest on June 8. (Photo from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, taken by Erik S. Hanley/Now News Group) Recently, the City of South Milwaukee designated June 8, 2019, officially, Reggie “Da Crusher” Lisowski Day, … Continue reading “Da Crusher” Celebrated in Milwaukee


Hacksaw Jim Duggan

This comic biography of Hacksaw Jim Duggan begins "in medias res" -- "into the middle of things," in a Royal Rumble. Like many mythical births, Hacksaw Jim Duggan was born special.  Consider the baby years of Paul Bunyan: Now I hear tell that Paul Bunyan was born in Bangor, Maine. It took five giant storks … Continue reading Hacksaw Jim Duggan

Breaking the Fourth Wall in Reverse

Without a doubt, one of the proudest moments of my life occurred on January 29, 2013, when I made my professional wrestling debut in a tag-team match in a show co-hosted by American Pro Wrestling, an upstate South Carolina based promotion, and Wofford College, the institution that made me a tenured professor the year before. … Continue reading Breaking the Fourth Wall in Reverse